Business & Other Services:

Complete Home Inspections

Home Inspections, Consultations, WDI - Termite, Sewer Scope, Septic, Thermal Imaging

Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas.

Creación de sitio web. Traducción de documentos

Traducciones de documentos oficiales y formularios judiciales. Creación de sitios web económicos.

Edible Landscaping / Nursery

Edible Landscaping, Food Forests, Permaculture, Perma Farms, Water Retaining Systems, Chicken Coops & Bee Hives

Ideas, Concepts, Perspective

A creative outlet of musings and stories that may help expand the sense of self to include 'others'. Also known as Love.

About Amity Haven Ltd

People and Place over Profits

Amity means kindness, and Haven means a safe place. Our goal at Amity Haven is to use our skills and knowledge of Home Inspection, Radon Mitigation, the Spanish language, and Plants to help in any way that we can.

Have Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Amity Haven is a fusion of skills and passions where kindness is always at the foundation of everything we do. This kindness extends beyond the people we serve, encompassing the places and environments where we find ourselves. If you are considering purchasing a new home, selling a home, making your home healthier, or adding some edible plants to your landscape, Amity Haven provides multiple services to help meet your needs. And if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, know that we will always strive to make it right.


930 Amity Rd. Galloway OH 43119






A number online means lots of spam calls. Texting or leaving a voicemail are your best options to contact Amity Haven Ltd.